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Underfloor Heating Kits are ideal for single rooms, new build extensions or conservatories. All our kits are suitable for screed, joisted or batten floors. Click here to find out more.

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Home ventilation is a must have item for new builds. Click here to send us your plans, and we will get a quote back to you in 3 days or less! Systems designed to Part "F" of building regulations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Underfloor Heating work?

How does Underfloor Heating work?

  How Underfloor Heating Works Underfloor Heating dates back as far as the Romans who used to build their houses with stone floors ra...

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Is Underfloor Heating right for my project?

Is Underfloor Heating right for my proje…

  Is Underfloor Heating right for my project? Underfloor heating offers some significant advantages over conventional radiator heatin...

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Can Anyone Install Underfloor Heating?

Can Anyone Install Underfloor Heating?

  Can Anyone Install Underfloor Heating? Do it yourself underfloor heating installation could not be easier when using a Robbens unde...

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Why Choose Us?

Professional Design and Supply of Underfloor Heating Systems

23 years supplying underfloor heating

Robbens have been designing and supplying high quality underfloor heating to tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts, for over 23 years. We are dedicated to supplying the right underfloor heating design, whether for new builds, refurbishments or commercial underfloor heating.

Getting underfloor heating could not be easier! You don't have to be an expert. Just fill out our quote form and provide us with as much detail as you have, and then sit back while we design your underfloor heating which you will receive within one week after placing your order.

Free No Obligation Underfloor Heating Quotation

underfloor heating system design pipe layout smallWe have an unrivalled knowledge of what is required to design a cost effective underfloor heating system. We take care of all your needs, from the heat loss calculations, the pipe layouts down to manuals and wiring instructions.

We do not leave anything to chance, so each of our underfloor heating projects is managed by a highly professional and qualified member of our team.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

The Benefits of Underfloor Heating

The benefits of Underfloor Heating over the traditional radiator designed heating system is simply explained using this graphical representation of the heat distribution from both heating systems.

Traditional radiators deliver a convector effect where cooler air is drawn up through the flutes in the radiator, heated and then rises directly above the radiator, heating the top of the room first.

Underfloor heating delivers an all over heat source that rises evenly across the entire floor space. This delivers an instant warmth at low level, which is both more instant and does not leave the room with an uneven distribution of warmth, from one side to the other.

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Robbens started in 1993, with a goal to make underfloor heating and home ventilation easy to include in new homes. Our underfloor heating is designed and guaranteed to perform, and includes technical support for any questions. Frankische, a leading Global pipe manufacturer, aquired Robbens in 2004, and continue to make all pipe and ventilation products that we use.

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