Underfloor Heating Systems and Kits

Frankische Underfloor Heating Pipe Manufacture

Robbens Systems - what we do...

  • Part of Frankische - Global pipe manufacturers

  • Designed underfloor heating systems

  • Designed home ventilation heating systems

  • Underfloor heating pipe, parts and accessories

  • Commercial and residential water pipe systems

  • 24 years experience

  • German quality products

  • Founder member of  BEAMA, the UK underfloor heating trade association


Robbens Systems exclusively use PeRt and Pex-Al-Pex pipes, manufactured by Frankische.  Our pipes come with up to a 25 year warranty. 

Our home ventilation systems and ducting are also manufactured in our own German based factories.

System Design

Get a free Underfloor Heating quote

  • Free project heatloss calculation

  • Correctly designed

  • Uses 16mm PEX or PeRT pipe

  • £1m insurance design guarantee

  • 10 year manifold guarantee

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How much does underfloor heating cost? 

The cost is dependent on many factors. Most importantly is how much heat does each room need, when the outside temperature is around -4 degrees.

Robbens Systems use state of the art heat loss calculation software. This calculates how much heat will leave each room, based on the U values of doors, windows, walls, ceilings and roof's. 

Click above and send us your plans. Once a quote has been prepared, one of our experts will even meet you face to face on-site, to make sure you have the best designed underfloor heating system possible. All for FREE

Ventilation, ducting and MVHR systems

Profi-air designed ventilation systems


  • Heat recovery ventilation systems

  • Flexible antimicrobial ducting

  • Ipad control as standard

  • Meets part "F" and appendix "Q"

  • FREE onsite system review ... before you order

  • Free  ventilation design tool at  easycalc.fraenkische.com

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Underfloor heating systems

UFH Pipe

  • Using our own underfloor heating pipe

  • Designed with full heatloss calculations

  • Full CAD pipe layout design

  • Assembled manifolds for faster installation

  • Thermostatic room by room control

  • Operate via Ipad or phone

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Flexible ducting for ventilation systems


  • 63, 75 and 90mm duct sizes

  • Available in 20 and 50 metre coils 

  • Permanantly animicrobial and antibacterial

  • Easy to install semi-rigid

  • Design you own at easycalc.fraenkische.com

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Which underfloor heating do I need?

New screed underfloor heating

Section of profi-screed


  • Underfloor heating for new screed floors

  • Installed with clip rail or staples

  • Lowest cost with highest output

  • PEX or PERT pipe with 100 year warranty

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Between joist insulated underfloor heating panels

Section of Profi-Panel Joist

Profi-panel joist

  • Underfloor heating and insulation in one

  • 25-100mm thick EPS insulation

  • Uses 16mm PEX or PeRT pipe

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Suspended underfloor heating for floor joists

Section of Profi-Joist


  • Galvanised pipe clips fit to joist edges

  • No increase in floor height

  • Aluminium sheet transfers heat

  • New build or refurbishment

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Batten underfloor heating for real wood floors

Section of Profi-Panel Batten

Profi-panel batten

  • 1200 x 350mm insulated panels 25-100mm thick

  • Allows real wood to be installed onto battens

  • Integrated insulation between battens

  • No screed required

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Insulated underfloor heating panels

Section of Profi-Panel


  • Insulated grooved underfloor heating panels

  • 18mm high for 12mm pipe or 25mm to 100mm for 16mm underfloor heating pipe

  • Fit timber flooring directly on top, or add 12mm ply for carpets

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Low profile underfloor heating screed board

Section of Profi-Screed Board

Profi screedboard

  • Calciulm sulfate grooved underfloor heating panels

  • 18mm high for 12mm pipe or 23mm for 16mm underfloor heating pipe

  • Dry installation - no screed required

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Chipboard underfloor heating

Section of Profi-Chip


  • Underfloor heating and chipboard in one

  • Fast install of 2400mm x 600mm tongue and grooved sheets

  • Uses 12mm PEX or PeRT Frankische pipe

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Low profile rigid panel underfloor heating

Section of Profi-low

Profi-low tile

  • Flexible 600mm x 600mm tiles

  • Just 15mm high

  • Tile directly, or self level screed to 18mm

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