Some things to think about before installing a successful underfloor heating system

Thanks to the development of modern underfloor heating systems and modern home improvement technology, installing underfloor heating has become a much easier job than it used to be and is now within the skillset of a reasonably experienced DIYer.

Different underfloor heating systems require different installation techniques, and it is beyond the scope of this article to go into all of them. However, all underfloor heating systems come with their own instructions, and the growing popularity of underfloor heating means there is a wide library of general instruction and advice books available on the subject.

There are also a few general tips which should be observed no matter what kind of underfloor heating system is being installed.

Underfloor heating and floor-mounted units

One is in regards to floor-mounted units. Underfloor heating should not be installed underneath such units. This is quite easy to take into account when installing underfloor heating in a kitchen or bathroom, where the units are fixed into place; less easy in other rooms where cupboards and wardrobes can be moved about easily.

Putting underfloor heating underneath floor-mounted units can cause their insides to sweat, creating damage to the furniture.

Insulation beneath underfloor heating

Another common consideration is insulation. The low temperatures that underfloor heating systems run at mean that insulating every room where underfloor heating will be installed is absolutely critical. Insulation also needs to be provided underneath the flooring itself.

This applies to both electric and wet underfloor heating systems.

Underfloor heating and floor height

Consideration will also need to be given to height. Converting existing properties to underfloor heating will require floor levels to be raised to accommodate the layers of insulation, underfloor heating elements and floor covering.

There are slimline underfloor heating systems on the market – some wet systems can raise floor levels by up to 100mm unless you can dig down – and the slimmest systems will only raise the floor height by a few millimetres.

No two underfloor heating systems will be the same and it is always worth seeking professional advice about how best to install your underfloor heating system before embarking on an underfloor heating project.

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