Underfloor systems

      • Guaranteed temperatures
      • 100 year pipe warranty
      • 10 year manifold warranty
      • Grundfos A+ pumps

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Ventilation systems

    • Whisper quiet operation
    • 75 & 90mm flexible ducting
    • Smartphone controls
    • From Frankische

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Plumbing systems

    • Eliminates underfloor joins
    • Pipe holds bends
    • Push fittings
    • German quality

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Radiator systems

    • Faster installation
    • No joins under floors
    • Individual room control
    • reduced energy use

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UHF system design

pipe layout2

Through supplying thousands of domestic and commercial projects, Robbens have gained intimate knowledge of building methods and the information/ service needs of clients, matching our services to these specific needs. Each of our underfloor heating projects will be attended by professional and qualified staff members, from the heat loss calculation through the pipe layouts to the manuals and wirings.

Heat loss calculations are the first step in the design of an underfloor heating system. It is also one of the most important aspects of the system. The heat loss calculations tell you how much heat a building requires. Every building has different build methods which include different materials, shape, size and even location. By closely examining these factors, and creating a detailed table of them allows us get an overall picture of your buildings thermal performance and heating requirements.

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Underfloor heating pipe layout drawing CADOnce the quote has been accepted and the order has been processed, your system enters its second stage - the pipe layout design. These drawings show the optimal pipe spacing and routing for your project. Based on the heat loss calculations that are accurately produced at the quotation stage, these designs are an integral part of your underfloor heating system.

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The people at Robbens really know what they are talking about. Our house had a Robbens underfloor heating system and we needed to update the controls. The technical desk helped us find out what was needed, and we got everything from their online store....
We used a Robbens ready made underfloor heating kit in our new extention. The builders followed the instructions and installed it with no problems. We love the way we can control it independently of the rest of the house. Recommended....
My clients love the way underfloor heating allows complete design freedom with no radiators in the way of the furniture. Robbens have worked with us on many projects, and will even come and meet the clients before the build even starts. Great service....