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Robbens Systems® | German quality with British expertise | since 1993

Underfloor Heating Systems | Designed to BS EN 1264

Robbens Systems underfloor heating is different to most other underfloor heating companies in the UK. All projects are designed at quotation stage by using a graphic planning CAD program to establish the heating requirements of each room. This is called a heat loss calculation.

By designing underfloor heating in this way, we can establish if the heating is adequate for each room to which it is to be installed. All Robbens design systems are calculated to BS-EN 1264.

All pipes supplied as part of a Robbens Systems  are manufactured in Germany by Frankische. The manifolds supplied with every running system are the best in the market today.

Every system is also backed by a £1 million insurance design guarantee.

Underfloor heating is an innovative way to change the way that you heat your home. Offering numerous advantages, especially when compared to traditional heating systems - your underfloor heating system offers equal heat distribution and will not cause irritation from conditions such as dust allergies.

Whether you are looking for a system to install in your home or a system to install for a client - we have the system that is ideally suited for your requirements.

If you are interested in finding out more or want to arrange for a quotation, get in contact with our team today. You can contact using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 01424 851111

Why are our underfloor heating systems different?

  • Robbens Systems® factory assembled all manifolds, and mount them onto an exterior grade Melamine faced 15mm plywood board. This ensures installation easy and fast.
  • Manifolds are manufactured using rails of brass, which is nickel plated, or Stainless Steel.
  • Robbens only use Wilo and Grundfos self-modulating and priming pumps.
  • All manifolds for boilers all include water temperature mixing units, pressure gauges, temperature gauges, automatic air vent and isolation valves to keep the pump set dry until commissioning.
  • Aditionnally, both flow and returns or supplied with isolation valves. Commissioning is easy with whose pipe connections on both flow and return rails, allowing the system to be filled and vented efficiently.
  • Manifolds can be extended at a later date by adding optional ports to the right-hand side of the manifold rails.

Thermostats and controls:

Our thermostats, which are included in the price of your system, are different. Offering high quality self-learning thermostats, with a choice of wired or wireless connectivety, without any cost premium.

You can add web and app control at any point with the addition of the NeoHub gen 2. Simply plug into your home network and pair the thermostats. 

Robbens Systems also offer a free on-site technical evaluation to ensure that the design and quotation is perfect for the building prior to placing an order. Or technicians can offer invaluable advice and often save you time and money.

Robbens Systems  have been designing underfloor heating for residential and commercial projects since 1993, and have extensive experience in the underfloor heating and ventilation sector. Robbens Systems  were founder members of the underfloor heating trade association.

To provide an accurate quotation, first a heatloss calculation must to be carried out. To do this we need you to supply us with the following information:

  • Floor plans of the rooms to be heated
  • Elevation plans (for ceiling height, door and window areas)
  • Planned floor construction and insulation thicknesses
  • Type of underfloor heating system required for each area.
  • Any details about U-values for doors and windows.

If you dont have this, we can still provide an accurate quotation based on room dimensions and a basic floor plan. In this circumstance the insurance backed design guarantee is not included.