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Choosing to Install an Underfloor Heating System - Robbens Systems

Traditional heating methods have historically been the norm in properties across the country. Although these are systems that are typically seen in historic properties - underfloor heating has become more and more popular - especially in recent years. In new-build properties - underfloor heating can be seamlessly integrated into the design process (especially when installed in conjunction with a liquid screed floor.) Historic properties can also be fitted with underfloor heating systems - replacing the current flooring and also replacing traditional radiators. This increases floor space in designated rooms and allows for a more cost effective heating solution.

Underfloor heating is perfectly suited for homeowners and project managers alike. Those who are installing heating systems for their clients will find that they are simple to install and work fantastically well with historic and new-build properties. Underfloor heating systems were often associated with luxurious buildings and hotels but this is simply not the case - individuals can enjoy all of the benefits of water based underfloor heating in their homes.

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