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Updating 240volt older systems with new thermostats and controls

To upgrade a 240volt control system, first confirm you have one of the following control boxes. If not, a new wiring centre will be required. 

Can you answer yes to one of the following:

Is there a Robbens logo on the front ?

Is there a timeclock on the front ?

Is there a clear cover on the box ?

If YES, work out how many of each item is required

  • How many programmable room thermostats you need?
  • How many wet room (bathroom) thermostats do you need?
  • How many time clocks for towel radiators do you need?
  • Do you want to control via the web?

Programmable 240volt thermostats

Wet room thermostats

Wiring interlock centres (control boxes)

Hub for web control of your heating