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Robbens Systems® | German quality with British expertise | since 1993

alpex-duo XS / F50 PROFI®

The highest quality MLCP Press-Fit system on the market

alpex F50 PROFI press fittings have up to a 30% larger cross sectional surface area and boasts the largest inside diameter among all comparable crimp fittings for multi-layer composite pipes in the German market.

FRÄNKISCHE offers the innovative advantage of five possible crimping contours with alpex F50 PROFI. All alpex F50 PROFI fittings can be crimped using the F contour as well as the U, TH, H and VP contours – using all conventional and certified crimping tools. A clear advantage for the installer, who in most cases, does not need to purchase new tools.

Optimal dimensioning of pipe systems during planning, high-quality materials and responsible system operators are the best prerequisites for hygienically impeccable drinking water installations.

FRÄNKISCHE PEX pipes are made from cross-linked high-density polyethylene (PE-X). The chemical structure makes the alpex MLC pipes suitable for use at pressures up to 10 bar and temperatures up to 95°C for which previously only metal pipes were appropriate.

All FRÄNKISCHE press fittings have a 'leak before crimp' feature. This ensures that if an installer forgets to press a joint, it will be made obvious at the pressure test. Inferior press fittings without a leak function may pass a pressure test un-crimped, therefore potentially causing a much more serious leak in the near future.

FRÄNKISCHE press fittings are made of superior materials for your peace of mind. The highest available brass quality is used where a threaded connection is needed (CW724R, Dezincification-resistant brass according to DIN EN 12164) and high performance plastic polyphenylenesulphone (PPSU) is used dues to its excellent hot water resistance.

The use of MLC pipe and F50 PROFI press fittings ensures an incredibly durable plumbing system; Free of corrosion and incrustation. High dimensional stability with very little thermal expansion means fewer expansion joints are required compared to plastic pipes.

F50 press fittings can be used with a variety of pipes including PE-Xa and PE-RT. FRÄNKISCHE's innovative push fit system, alpex-plus (in dimensions of 16mm, 20mm & 26mm) also complements an installation due to its ability to make connections in confined spaces

All alpex-duo Multi-Layered Composite pipes are 100% oxygen tight due to a butt welded aluminium core. The use of aluminium also allows the pipework to be located using a pipe detector.

Unlike copper and steel pipes, the inner core of alpex-duo MLC pipes have a very low pipe roughness (k = 0,007 mm). This avoids encrustation build-up and bacterial growth. Pressure drops across the plumbing system are dropped dramatically and maintenance is reduced.

FRÄNKISCHE's 100+ years of manufacturing experience, coupled with stringent quality control checks and on-site factory laboratories ensure the perfect pipe wall thickness every time.