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After installing underfloor heating what is the best test procedure prior to laying the screed. Is it to pressure test with air?

It is always important to pressure test prior to screeding. Ideally, pressure test using air, as this keeps the pipe free of the risk of frost damage, should a cold spell hit before the floor is warm.
If you do pressure test with water, the Robbens Systems® manifolds have the ability to isolate the pump set and keep it dry until it will be operated. This will prevent the risk of the pump sticking.

Are all of your products in stock?

Most products are in stock and will be delivered with-in 3 working days. Next day delivery is available for orders placed by 2pm

Do i need a multizone or singlezone manifold?

Multizone manifolds allow each room to be controlled with a single thermostat.

Singlezone manifolds use 1 thermostat only.

How do i upgrade my old thermostats and controls

How do i upgrade my old thermostats and controls?

I have your profi-air MVHR system installed in my home and I controlled it from an app on my iPhone. However, I have had a new iphone and lost the app in the transfer. How do I get it back please?

The Profi-air system is not operated from an app - it is accessed from a web browser.
On the front of the Profi-air unit you will see the I.P. address. Type the I.P. address into the web browser, and you will be connected to the operation interface.

Why are Robbens distribution manifolds for heat pumps the best on the market?