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Profi-air. New products

4 Dec 2018

profi-air Ventilation System NEWS 2019

Profi-air, our residential ventilation system from Frankische, has new products launching in 2019. The hugely successful ducting system is to be further improved with lower pricing without a reduction in quality. There are also improvemnts to the manifold distribution boxes, again further improving prices. The key product changes are:

Item noDescriptionAvailable in:
78300321profi-air classic connection plug Jan-19
78316007profi-air flat manifold 6-foldMar-19
78316060profi-air tee DN 160 163 x 68 mmMar-19
78316071profi-air inspection plug DN 160Mar-19
78316072profi-air connection coupling DN 160Mar-19
78316073profi-air concrete formwork set DN 160Mar-19
78363321profi-air connection coupling dim. 63Jan-19
78375321profi-air classic connection coupling dim. 75Jan-19
78390321profi-air classic connection coupling dim. 90Jan-19
78300803profi-air enthalpy heat exchanger 250 flexMay-19
78300812profi-air floor mounting set 250 flexMay-19
78301830profi-air pre-heating elementMay-19
78304725profi-air ventilation unit 250 flexMay-19
Item noDescriptionAvailable in:
78300842profi-air cockpit pro connection cableMay-19
78300886profi-air replacement filter set G4/G4 250 flexMay-19
78300887profi-air replacement filter set G4/F7 250 flexMay-19
78363341profi-air classic 90° bend plus dim. 63Mar-19
78375341profi-air classic 90° bend plus dim. 75Mar-19
78390341profi-air classic 90° bend plus dim. 90Mar-19
78313222profi-air tunnel connection element turned by 180° 132 x 52 mmJan-19
78363805profi-air classic grey dim. 63 Jan-19
78375805profi-air classic grey dim. 75Jan-19
78390805profi-air classic grey dim. 90Jan-19
Item noDescriptionReplacement for:
78313220profi-air tunnel rotary adapter 132 x 52 mm78313222
78363320profi-air classic manifold connection coupling dim. 6378363321
78375320profi-air classic manifold connection coupling dim. 7578375321
78375340profi-air classic 90° bend dim. 7578375341
78390320profi-air classic manifold connection coupling dim. 9078390321
78390340profi-air classic 90° bend dim. 9078390341