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optical fibre network
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Datalight for Optical Fibre Network - Robbens Systems

Choose the Datalight System for your Optical Fibre Network 

Forget about pages loading and get a reliable optical fibre network!

The son is watching his favourite show on TV while the son is playing his online game on his video game console. In the kitchen, their father is calling his parents, and next to him the mother is browsing the web. Does it sound familar to you? This is the family of the future.

The DATALIGHT system is the perfect solution for families, businesses and hotels that need to go on a reliable optical fibre network. This optical fibre network is a clever alternative for network cabling. As easy to install as easy to use, the infrastructure provides a service of high quality.

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Available at Supplier
(Code: 25700100)
£ 1,005.05
DATALIGHT Kit 100mbps
Available at Supplier
(Code: 25701100)
£ 1,147.61
DATALIGHT Fibre Kit 100mbps
Available at Supplier
(Code: 25710025)
£ 269.46
DATALIGHT FFKuS Conduit 25mm - 100m coil
Available at Supplier
(Code: 25720021)
£ 196.75
DATALIGHT LAN Access Point 2-Port 1000mbps
Available at Supplier
(Code: 25720121)
£ 141.16
DATALIGHT LAN Access Point 2-Port 100mbps
Available at Supplier
(Code: 25721111)
£ 273.73
DATALIGHT WLAN Access Point 100mbps
Available at Supplier
(Code: 25730126)
£ 416.29
DATALIGHT Switch 6+2-Port 100mbps
Available at Supplier
(Code: 25730412)
£ 915.44
Available at Supplier
(Code: 25731026)
£ 568.84
DATALIGHT Easy Switch 6+2-Port 1000mbps
Available at Supplier
(Code: 25740011)
£ 132.60
DATALIGHT Converter 1-Port 1000mbps
Available at Supplier
(Code: 25750002)
£ 35.80
DATALIGHT Connector 2.2 Pack of 5
Available at Supplier
(Code: 25760001)
£ 926.64
Available at Supplier
(Code: 25780102)
£ 188.19
DATALIGHT Duplex Fibre 2.2 PE - 100m coil
Available at Supplier
(Code: 25790001)
£ 25.24
DATALIGHT Cutter - Pack of 5