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DATALIGHT Kit 100mbps

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DATALIGHT Kit 100mbps[[CR]]
DATALIGHT® Fiber Kit 100 Mbps

The DATALIGHT® Fiber Kit 100 consists of a 100 m waistband duplex fiber 2.2 DATALIGHT®, four LAN access points 2-port DATALIGHT®, a switch 6 + 2-port DATALIGHT® and a cutter. The DATALIGHT® Fiber Kit will also ensure a future-proof and flexible network installation in existing infrastructures. Due to the thin and easy-to-handle fiber, a data network can be retrofitted at any time without having to carry out major alterations. The optimal solution for retrofitting.


The interference-insensitive DATALIGHT® fiber allows the electrical installation and data network to be laid in one pipe. This allows the use of the existing empty conduit system for laying the fibers.


The enclosed cutter allows immediate installation without further special tools.