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alpex multi layer composite pipe - plumbing systems

Hello MLCP! Goodbye Copper & Plastic!

Welcome to the future of plumbing with the alpex family from Fränkische. Combining the speed and flexibility of plastic with the stability and durability of copper, Multi-Layer Composite Pipes are fast becoming the material of choice for plumbing in both commercial and domestic applications.

Advantages of the alpex MLCP System –

  • Reduced installation time! – Up to 50% quicker than copper
  • Less joints! (and less potential leaks!) – Coil sizes up to 600m and flexible pipe with memory means fewer joints are required.
  • No more hot works! – Permanent and durable joints are pressed in seconds.
  • Price stability! - Unlike copper, the raw materials of MLC are very stable.
  • Stable linear expansion! – Unlike plastic pipes, MLC pipes have a similar linear expansion to copper.
  • Low scrap value! – alpex MLC pipes have no scrap value making building site theft less likely.
Multi layer composite pipes plumbing: Alpex MLCP System
Multi layer composite pipes plumbing: Alpex Duo XS / F50 PROFI

alpex-duo XS / F50 PROFI®

Highest Quality German Press Fittings

FRÄNKISCHE's alpex F50 PROFI fittings provide the perfect solution for every installation situation. The ingenious press fitting design and 100's of available options in dimensions 16mm-75mm ensure there is a press fitting for every possibilty.

  • Flow-optimised: 30 % larger cross section surface
  • Crimping jaw flexibility: 1 fitting – 5 possible crimping contours
  • Leak function
  • Superior materials
  • Fittings manufactured from high-performance PPSU plastic or dezincification-resistant lead-free brass CW724R
  • Large inspection hole for verifying correct positioning

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