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Profi-chip - Chipboard underfloor heating system

Key facts:
  • Ideal for refurbishment onto existing timber  floors, or floor joists
  • Suitable for real wood and laminate floating floors
  • No wet screed is required
  • Fast to install - 2400mm x 600mm panels
  • Can be laid directly onto structural timber joists - with 
  • Available 22mm thick
  • Uses Frankische pipe with 100 year warranty

Profi-Chip panels are the perfect system for installation into new or refurbishment projects where there are limited build up heights


When installing any suspended floor construction a chipboard floor deck is normally installed as part of the installation as standard. Its these situations that the Profi-Chip system is perfectly suited to. The 22mm grooved chipboard sheets are not only suited for use with suspended floors but can also be laid over the top of insulation to create a floating floor or laid directly on top of any existing structural floor to create a low profile easy to install underfloor heating system.

Profi Chip underfloor heating floor sectionBuild up heights:

The grooved chipboard sheets are just 22mm thick and would normally lie directly over the top of the joists. Once the pipe work is installed a thin 6mm ply must be glued directly down over the top of the entire surface of the floor. 



Insulation in this type of construction would normally be installed directly beneath the chipboard and would add no additional height. In the case of it being used as a floating floor then the insulation would be placed directly onto the existing floor and the chipboard floated over the top. The thickness of the insulation would depend on the project and type of insulation used but a good rule of thumb is a 50mm PIR (polyisocyanurate) insulation.


When installing any Profi-Chip system the insulation should be installed first. In the case of a suspended floor it can be a rock wool or rigid insulation fitted between the joists. If the system is to be a floating floor then the insulation would laid down directly over the top of the existing floor. Once all the insulation is fitted the Profi-Chip Panels can be laid. On both a suspended or floating floor the tongue and groove must be glued along the joints. With a suspended floor the panels can be glued and screwed to the joists if required. When the panels are installed the pipe can then be laid into the grooves in the board and conductive foil tape laid along the runs of pipe to help conduct the heat. Finally a 6mm ply must be glued across the entire floor. This provides the final working floor deck for the final floor finish to be laid on to.