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Profi-panel joist - insulated underfloor heating system

Profi Panel Joist underfloor heating floor section

Key facts:

  • For new floor joist floors
  • Adds underfloor heating within 400mm joist spacings
  • No increase in floor height
  • Time saving - combines insulation and underfloor heating
  • Available 25mm to 100mm - 50mm reccomended
  • Panels are 1200mm x 350mm eps150
  • Uses Frankische pipe with 100 year warranty

Profi-Screed floors are probably the most popular of all the floor constructions that we supply underfloor heating systems for. They are essentially systems where pipes carry warm water through the floor while encased within concrete or screed


Ideal for refurbishments Designed to be quick and easy to install. Supplied as a grooved and foiled insulation board that is cut to fit perfect between joists at 400 centres The Profi-Panel suspended floor is an alternative installation method for installing underfloor heating into projects with joisted floors. These tend to be found on first floors and older renovation projects.

To help save time on site this system consists of a foiled 50mm thick layer of high density insulation that has been pre-grooved and covered with a heat transfer foil to help ensure a even spread of heat across the floor. The boards have been designed to fit between 400 centre joists, however can be easily trimmed on-site to fit narrower spacings.

Build up heights:

Profi Panel Joist underfloor heating floor section

The Profi-Panel suspended floors are very convenient, in that they do not significantly raise the floor level. The height is set by the top of the joists that the underfloor heating is fitted to. This is especially useful when the project has existing joists and limited build up height available.


Insulation is an intereral part of this system. No further insulation is required in the floor.



Battens need to be installed along the side of the joists to  provide support for the profi-panel  suspended boards. Once the battens are in place the panels need to be fitted and the pipe installed in accordance with the supplied pipe layouts. The final step is to lay the vapour barrier directly across the top of the entire floor and install the floor deck. In the case of real or engineered structural floor boards they can be installed directly over the top of the battens. However if carpets or tiles are to be used then a suitable sub floor such as chipboard or ply should be laid first.