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Profi-Panel Screed Board

ProfiScreed underfloor heating floor section

Key facts:

  • Ideal where low profile underfloor heating required
  • Fast response to call for heat
  • No wet screed is required
  • Fast to install - 1200mm x 600mm tongue and grooved panels
  • Can be laid directly on structural timber floors, or level concrete floors
  • Tiles can be directly fitted
  • Uses Frankische pipe with 100 year warranty

The Profi-Panel Screedboard is a quick and easy alternative to using a traditional screed underfloor system.


Renovation projects can have limited build up heights or there is excessive work involved lifting existing floors. This means that traditional underfloor heating systems are not ideally suited to this type of project.

At just 18mm - 23mm thick the Profi-Panel Screed Board can lay directly over the top of any existing structural floor. The system itself is designed to incorporate a 12mm pipe and can be tiled over directly. Laminates and timbers can also be laid directly over the top but carpets require a ply base to be installed first to provide a totally flat surface.

Build up heights:

Profi Panel Screed underfloor heating floor section

The Profi-Panel Screed Board system is an ultra thin underfloor heating system. With a thickness including the pipe work of just 18 - 23mm thick it has very little impact on available headroom in the project. When installed over the top of a suspended floor it may be possible for insulation to be installed beneath the floor boards adding no additional height to the construction.



If feasible, Insulation should be installed underneath the screedboard, to prevent the heat from being lost downwards. Any insualtion is of benifit, and will result in lower running costs, and a more efficient system.


The installation for the Profi-Panel  Screed Board is particularly simple and straightforward. You simply ensure the existing floor the board is being laid on top of is structural and flat. The profi-panel screed board consists of a tongue and groove construction that locks together and should then be laid in accordance with the supplied layout plans. The floor covering is then installed directly over the top. The only exception to this is when carpets or vinyl’s are used. It is recommended to install a 6mm ply directly over the top of the screed board to provide an even and comfortable base.