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Technical Support 

Welcome to Robbens technical support. Here you will be able to find a number of technical documents, data sheets and answers to most of the commonly encountered technical questions. You will also be able to find an engineer to help you service or work on your Robbens Underfloor Heating system.

Our installation and setup support for end users is three years from delivery to ensure you get your system up running and though the initial setup as easily as possble. Robbens Systems are the designer & manufacturer -  and not the installer.

Repairs, servicing and operational handovers for your sytem after this time must be done via your heating engineer or arranged by the previous owner or builder.

Support for systems older than 3 years will need to be via a heating engineer. We are, of course available to advise on replacement parts once the engineer has diagnosed the problem. 

The following sections are broken down for ease of use. Please click on the appropriate link to take you to the correct section.

Underfloor heating documents

Warranties and Certificates - Click here for a selction of current and past component certificates and warranty information.

Plumbing Schematics and Wiring Diagrams - Here you will find a selection of the most common diagrams and schematics used with our UFH.

Manuals for thermostats and controls - Click here for an extensive selection of documents relating to the individual items that Robbens have provided over the years. These range from thermostat operating instructions to product data sheets.

Manifold Details - This section provides individual, downloadable page specifying the details of our manifolds including sizes and component part numbers.

Data Sheets - A selection of specific product data sheets can be found here, including thermal values for the various insulations used in our panel underfloor heating systems.

Research documents - If you are looking into different technologies, documents on best practices then you may find a usefull document here.

How to guides & troubleshooting - If you are looking at upgrading your controls or just replacing an actuator there should be a guide here to help you.

Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery documents

Instruction and technical manuals - Click here for a selection of documents relating to the different types of unit and associated components.