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Underfloor Heating Buying Guide

Our Complete Guide to Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is ideally suited for a wide range of projects for professional heating companies and self-installers alike. For homeowners - underfloor heating systems are designed to be simple to install - allowing for self-installation or installation with your preferred professional (we only supply underfloor heating and do not carry out installations for our clients.) Our team of experts are perfectly suited to help create the best underfloor heating system that suits your needs or the specifications of the project at hand.

We have created our complete guide to underfloor heating to help those that are thinking about installing an underfloor heating system or are installing an underfloor heating system for a client. Our quotation service ensures that your design and quotation are unique and we also calculate the heating and ventilation requirements of each room. This ensures that we can design the perfect system and deliver this system ready for installation.

Should you be looking to purchase an underfloor heating system, why not get in touch with a member of our expert team today? We are more than happy to help you install the ideal underfloor heating system. Get in touch using an online contact form on our website or telephone now.

Installing an Underfloor Heating System during a Project

As discussed, a common myth surrounding underfloor heating is that it is very difficult to install and needs to be installed by a heating professional. This is not the case with an underfloor heating system as these can be installed by DIY enthusiasts and heating professionals alike. Although underfloor heating can be installed by DIY installers, itís highly important that an underfloor heating system is installed correctly so that there are no issues later down the line. Hydronic underfloor heating systems require little to no maintenance after the system has been installed. If something goes wrong or the installation is not carried out correctly - you will not want to have to dig up the system again to make repairs so if you are unsure about the installation process - itís always better to seek the assistance of trained heating professionals.

Hydronic underfloor heating is often installed along with liquid floor screed as this type of screed increases the efficiency of the heating system - especially when compared to other seeds such as cement-based screed. This often means that underfloor heating is often installed in new build properties as it is easy to integrate the installation of the system alongside other work that is being carried out such as other parts of the construction of the property. Liquid floor screed is also used because you are able to walk on liquid floor screed 24 to 48 hours after the screeding has been laid which again benefits those who need to carry out the project to a strict schedule.

Although new build homes are seeing a huge shift in adopting underfloor heating compared to other traditional heating systems - it is also simple to install underfloor heating into a historic property or premises. Using liquid floor screed can also be used to completely change a floor space and with the huge amount of finishes available - this can be perfect for a redesign project!

Greener Solutions With Underfloor Heating

There are a huge amount of benefits associated with underfloor heating and this heating system is the perfect way to save space in the home as well as reduce energy costs. With innovations being developed for different greener energy sources that can be used to power the system - this leaves the potential for renewable energy sources to be used in the future.

Should you require further information on underfloor heating or how we can provide you with a bespoke underfloor heating system, get in touch with our team of experts today. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and talk in further detail about underfloor heating systems.
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