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Underfloor heating manifolds for boilers - with in-built water temperature control

Have you ever wondered how an underfloor heating manifold works? Here is the explanation:

Underfloor heating manifolds with in-built flow temperature control are used when the water supplied to the manifold requires blending down to the correct temperature for the underfloor heating system being used. Boilers typically supply water at 75 degrees or more - this would damage the floor if allowed to pass into the underfloor heating pipes. 

The Robbens Systems Premium blending manifold has a number of key points making it the market leader for use with boilers.

  • Nickel plated brass construction with a full 1" bore
  • Available with 2 to 20 ports ( although we recommend a maximum of 14 ports)
  • Factory assembled and mounted to melamine faced 15mm plywood
  • Grundfos or Wilo pump
  • Boiler flow and return temperature guages
  • Pressure and temperature guage
  • Auto air vent
  • Isolation valves
  • Filling and bleeding valves with standard hosepipe fitting 

Click to download the manifold pdf datasheet