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Underfloor heating manifolds for heat pumps

How does an underfloor heating manifold work when supplied by a heat pump? Here is the explanation:

Heatpump manifolds are used when the water supplied to the manifold does not require blending down to the correct temperature for the underfloor heating system being used. The most common use is with a heat pump - ground or air-source.As heatpump technology improves, and the supply temperature of the water increases, more types of underfloor heating can be operated.

The Robbens Systems Premium distribution manifold has a number of key points making it the market leader for use with heat pumps:

Nickel plated brass construction with a full 1" bore.

Available with 2 to 20 ports ( although we recommend a maximum of 14 ports)

Intergrated balancing valve - essential for heat pump effectiency by maintaining a high return flow rate

Factory assembled and mounted onto a melamine faced marine plywood board