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Underfloor Heating Myths

Top Underfloor Heating Myths

As there is a lot of information online about underfloor heating systems - it can be confusing when looking for an underfloor heating system or when you are considering installing one in your home. What can make the process even more confusing is the fact that there are a number of common misconceptions and myths online and in the public domain about underfloor heating which may put some homeowners off installing an underfloor heating system.

This article debunks some common myths around underfloor heating - which may help in finding your underfloor heating system. We take an in-depth look at the various features of underfloor heating and address some myths that we have come across or heard about in the past. If you want to find out more on underfloor heating from our experts, get in touch today.

Myth 1 - Underfloor Heating is Only Suited for the Most Luxurious of Homes

One of the most common myths associated with underfloor heating is that an underfloor heating system is only suited for luxurious buildings such as hotels and luxury apartments. However - underfloor heating is a very cost-effective and innovative solution for many businesses. This is due to the fact that underfloor heating systems are now very affordable and use less energy than traditional heating methods.

Myth 2 - You Can’t Install Underfloor Heating in Older Properties

As underfloor heating is becoming more and more popular in new-build properties, this myth has become to crop up around underfloor heating. However - another benefit of underfloor heating is that it is ideally suited for both historic and new-build properties. Homeowners who are looking to save space in their property by replacing bulky radiators or who want to enjoy a more energy-efficient heating system can install an underfloor heating system.

Myth 3 - Underfloor Heating Systems are Unhealthy

Quite the contrary - another myth is that underfloor heating systems are unhealthy. They are actually a more healthy alternative compared to traditional heating systems. Radiator based heating systems can aggravate allergies such as dust allergies and other conditions such as asthma if radiators are not cleaned regularly. You are also able to enjoy a heating system that does not cause dust mites or mould to form in your home.

Myth 4 - Underfloor Heating is Really Difficult to Maintain

Some are put off by choosing an underfloor heating system because it seems like a complex system that requires a lot of maintenance. However, underfloor heating when installed correctly requires little to no maintenance. Traditional heating systems require regular maintenance and may require bleeding should air become trapped in the system as this will reduce their efficiency. It is very important to arrange for a qualified heating professional to install your underfloor heating system if you are unsure about the installation process as you will not want to have to remove the underfloor heating system from the floor if something goes wrong.

Myth 5 - You Need to Be a Heating Professional to Install an Underfloor Heating System

As mentioned - if you are unsure about aspects of the installation process then you should hire a heating professional to install your new system. However, our underfloor heating systems are designed for both heating professionals and DIY installers which allows those who want to install an underfloor heating system themselves to be supported. We do not install underfloor heating systems but we design your system specifically towards your needs and requirements. 

Myth 6 - Underfloor Heating Takes a Long Time to Heat Up

As with any heating system, your underfloor heating will not instantly be hot and will take time to heat a room to an even temperature. However, it does not take very long and is comparable to other heating systems. Due to the fact that heat rises, you will also be able to enjoy even heating across the entirety of a room. Traditional heating systems can often have pockets of air which may cause parts of a room to remain cold. We highly recommend installing an underfloor heating system with a thermostat if you are concerned about the time taken to heat a room. This allows you to set a timer to have your room ready and warm when you need it.

Myth 7 - Electric Underfloor Heating is Cheaper Than Hydronic (Water)

When comparing electric underfloor heating to hydronic underfloor heating, one of the main aspects that are discussed is the price of both systems. This has led to a misconception that electric underfloor heating is cheap to install and run. Although hydronic underfloor heating is a more significant investment than electric underfloor heating - hydronic systems run at lower temperatures than traditional heating systems and are much cheaper to run than systems operating via electricity. 

Myth 8 - Underfloor Heating has to Run Constantly

Another myth relating to the operation of underfloor heating systems is that they have to be on constantly in your home. This may understandably concern homeowners who want to control their heating system. With thermostats available to control variable temperature - you have complete control over the heating of your home. With various new technologies available, you are also able to integrate your underfloor heating system with a smart home which is becoming more and more popular for modern homeowners.

Myth 9 - Underfloor Heating Isn’t Environmentally Friendly

With concerns about environmental impact - many homeowners are trying to find ways to lessen their impact while at home. Hydronic underfloor heating is better for the environment than other heating systems as the system heats water at lower temperatures. New innovations are also allowing for alternative heat sources to be connected to underfloor heating such as renewable energy sources.

Myth 10 - You Cannot Use Underfloor Heating With Wood Flooring

Underfloor heating can be used with a variety of floor finishes when also installed with liquid floor screed. Combination of wood, as well as underfloor heating, can create a wonderfully warm floor that can be enjoyed by all of the family. 

Have you heard an underfloor heating myth that you want to be debunked or have any questions about underfloor heating? Get in touch today!


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