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Underfloor heating controls

There are three main elements to an underfloor heating controls system. They are;

  1. Room thermostats
  2. System control box
  3. Actuators

Room Thermostats

The room thermostat controls the underfloor heating for that zone by sending a signal back to the control box, to turn on or off the flow of water into that rooms heating pipe. Additionally, each room thermostat can be programmed for different tempertures, and differnt times of the day.

Robbens preferred choice of thermostats is the Neo system of thermostats. We choose these as they offer;
  • Choice of 240 volt (3 core and earth, 1mm cable) or wireless connections bact to the control box
  • Smart technology - The thermostat learns the heatup and cooldown time of each room.
  • Holiday and frost modes

System control box


The system control box is situated by the underfloor heating manifold. All thermostats throughout the building are connected to it - either through hard wired connections, or wirelessly. 
The control box has three main functions;
  1. Opening and closing flow to each circuit - via the actuator
  2. Operating the pump
  3. Firing the boiler or heat source​


The actuator is an electronic device which opens and closes the flow of water to the circuit it is fitted to. This allows each zone to be controlled independently of all the other zones. Up to three actuators can be connected to one room thermostat, allowing one thermostat to control three circuits of pipe in a room.