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Underfloor heating from Robbens Systems

Underfloor heating pipe layout schematic drawingWarm water underfloor heating (UFH) gives your project a host of benefits. Interior design isn't compromised by radiators, allowing the full potential of the space to be used. UFH provides a much more even temperature, 24 hours a day, as when "off", rooms are maintained around 3 degrees below the "on" temperature. This makes underfloor heating more suitable for timber frame homes, as wood is not stressed by huge temperature changes.

Energy efficient heating

Robbens UFH can heat a property effectively using water at just 35 degrees. Compared to radiators which typically need water supplied at over 80 degrees C, the cost savings are tangiable.
Robbens design every room of every project to be heated correctly, by carrying out a heatloss calculation. This ensures that the correct quantity of pipe is desiged for each room to be heated. 

Overheating rooms

A common problem with a poorly designed UFH system is overheating. This occurs when the system hasn't been designed to take account of the insulation in a room or building. Robbens quality of design ensures this doesn't occur, and our systems come with a £1m insurance backed guarantee that the system will perform to the design criteria.

Floor coverings with underfloor heating

System design for underfloor heating is also crucial in allowing the end users choice of floor covering to be successful. Carpets, for example, generally require a low tog rating, to ensure they allow heat to pass through and into the rooms. Real wood floors are a popular choice, but again, the system must be designed to ensure 27 degrees or lower surface tempertaure is achieved. Overheating timber floors will lead to warped boards, amonst other problems.

New build of refurbishment underfloor heating

Installing underfloor heating during construction of a building is very straighforward. At Robbes we have systems to suit all building techniques and floor constructions.
Refurbishment projects often want to include underfloor heating. For these projects, a lower profile system may be needed. Also, a system which combines floor insulation and underfloor heating is desireable, ensuring the heat is forced upwards into the rooms. Find out more about our FLOOR SYSTEMS