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Wall heating

Key facts:

  • Uses 15mm Profi-Low tiles
  • Requires 15mm battens installed every 600mm
  • 12mm Frankische UFH pipe
  • Cover with plasterboard
  • Adds heating without using floor space

The Pro-Low Floor Panel, when combined with the Pro-Low Aluminium Floor Plate, provides a quick and easy to install low profile solution for wall heating using Frankische  12mm pipe. This revolutionary new system can deliver relatively high heating outputs, and can simple use existing radiator supply pipes if a whole house underfloor heating system with manifolds is not being installed.

Wall heating is especially suitable for rooms where floor heating is either impractical or where additional heat output is required, for example in bathrooms with insufficient floor area for an underfloor heating system alone to provide adequate heat output

Build up heights:

The 600mm x 600mm Profi-Low tiles are fitted to the existing wall - New walls require a 12mm OSB or Plywood baseboard. Battens are fitted every 600mm, to provide fixing points for the plasterboard wall finish.


For new stud wall, Rockwall or equivilant (normally 100mm) is installed behind the baseboard. This will help force the heat outwards. 



Tiles are simply screwed into the backing board, using the inbuilt countersunk screw holes. 12mm pipe is clipped into the frequent securing points across each tile, at either 75mm or 150mm spacings. 

Plasterboard is the used to cover the pipes, or if ceramic tiles are to be fitted, a tile backing board is recommended.