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Energy Effeciency in the Winter

Energy Efficiency in the Most Important Season

Now is the perfect time to get ready for winter in terms of energy efficiency in your home. As this is the most important time of the season to be prepared for energy efficiency, there are a number of ways that you can get ready for the winter months and to save money on your energy bills.

With a large number of systems, insulation equipment/products and other items available to homeowners in the modern age - there are a lot of ways both big and small that you can act today to ensure that you can save money on energy bills, do your bit to reduce environmental impact and enjoy warmer rooms in the colder nights ahead.

At Robbens Systems, we have been designing underfloor heating systems since 1993 - which is a fantastic solution as a replacement to traditional heating systems. This article will discuss various products and systems that you can install today from a range of budgets to help you save in the winter months. To get in touch with one of our underfloor heating specialists, use an online contact form today or telephone now.

Installing a Replacement Heating System

We have more than likely than not all experienced cold pockets in rooms or rooms that do not heat up quickly with radiator based heating systems. This can be highly frustrating at best and can cause additional costs at worse as heating needs to be run for longer to heat a room and heating is inefficient when in operation. There is a wide range of heating systems that can replace traditional heating with innovative systems that perform better and more efficiently. Underfloor heating is no exception and this is why this system is becoming more and more popular.

We only design hydronic or water-based underfloor heating systems as there are a number of disadvantages with electric underfloor heating systems. Electric underfloor heating systems offer lower installation costs but electric is much more expensive to run for example. This is not beneficial in terms of reducing energy costs as you will find that running costs may be much higher than a traditional heating system. Electric underfloor heating also cannot support heavy objects on the surface of the floor as this may damage the elements of the heating system.

Our underfloor heating systems heat rooms evenly and run at lower temperatures than traditional systems - saving you money and making your home more energy-efficient. Get in touch to find out more about our innovative underfloor heating systems.

Installing a Heat Recovery Ventilation System

The main purpose of a heat recovery ventilation system or HRV is to ensure that healthy ventilation of the building with fresh air. Heat recovery ventilation is ideally suited for those who are looking to increase air quality but also save money on energy bills! Our ventilation units, for example, boast a high degree of heat recovery - up to 95%. Depending on your type of home, heating costs can be reduced by up to 30-50%. During the winter months, itís particularly important to consider the way in which your home is ventilated as you can experience a wide range of issues.

Due to the fact that that hot air will travel around your home and you are unable to dry clothes outside - you will be washing and drying clothes inside. Activities such as this will cause hot air to travel to the colder areas of your home which can cause condensation and mould - which can cause health issues and make your home unattractive to buyers/reduce the overall value of your home. If condensation is not dealt with over time - it can cause structural damage to areas that are constructed out of materials such as timber. 

Why Is Ventilation System Recommended?

Ventilation systems are highly recommended to ensure healthy airflow around your home which is vital for promoting the health of residents and helping those with allergies or asthma if they are prone to issues at home. When opening windows to ensure proper ventilation, allergens can enter the home such as pollen, fine dust and other pollutants. In the winter - itís unlikely that you will be opening windows when it is cold and the use of heating will inevitably cause potentially stuffy rooms with stale airflow if the correct ventilation is maintained.

With the even airflow and heating that is offered by hydronic underfloor heating - this is a perfect partnership that can enhance the efficiency of your home even further. 

Investing in Insulation Around the Home

Insulation is another great way that you can act now and prepare for energy saving in the winter. Loft insulation or wall insulation are key areas which may have not been installed in historic properties or not included in a new build installation. If you do not have the appropriate insulation then you may want to consider insulating your walls or loft as this can save a substantial amount depending on heating usage.

A jacket for your boiler is another insulation product that can be used to reduce heat waste. As it is harder for heat to escape - this can prevent heat loss and ensure that your boiler is running more effectively and has a better fuel economy. 

Investing in the Future of Your Home

Investing in your home now can pay dividends in years to come - not only in terms of saving money on bills. Having the relevant heating system and insulation installed in your home - this can be a huge selling point when itís time to sell up and move to a different property or when looking to exchange properties.

We are more than happy to discuss all of your requirements relating to underfloor heating systems. We are also able to advise you on the other systems that we have to offer, such as our home ventilation systems - that can be also used to enhance the way that you can use your home and invest in the future.

To get in touch with one of our underfloor heating specialists or home ventilation specialists, use an online contact form today or telephone now.

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