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Underfloor heating utilises the nature and benefits of rising air flow to ensure that you can enjoy heating with even heat distribution in your home. Compared to traditional heating methods, wet underfloor heating is more energy efficient (using between 15-40% less energy than traditional radiators) which is better for the environment and can put money back in your pocket.

We provide a wide range of wet underfloor heating systems that are ideally suited for a wide range of homes and business premises. Whether you are looking to install underfloor heating system as a DIY project or are installing an underfloor heating system on behalf of a client - we have an underfloor heating system that will fit your design requirements to the letter.

To find out more about our underfloor heating systems or if you are looking for underfloor heating in London - enquire with our team using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 01424 851111

Why Choose a Wet Underfloor Heating System?

When choosing an underfloor heating system, you have the choice between a wet (water-based) underfloor heating system or an electric system. Wet underfloor heating systems (especially when installed in conjunction with liquid floor screed) are highly energy efficient & require little to no maintenance. The benefits of wet underfloor heating systems are as follows:
  • Can be used in conjunction with a heat pump and the use of other renewable energy sources is being developed for future integration.

  • More energy efficient than other heating methods as water is heated to a lower temperature.
    Even heat distribution due to the fact that heat rises when the underfloor heating system is in operation.

  • Little to no maintenance is required once the system is installed should installation be carried out correctly.

  • Works perfectly with liquid floor screed as this material increases the thermal efficiency of your underfloor heating system. Your system can be installed underneath flooring with a wide range of fantastic finishes once your liquid screed floor has been laid.

Professional or DIY, we offer simple to understand underfloor heating kits. With a range of sizes and for all types of subfloor, Robbens, with over 25 years experience, make adding heating to your floor easy.

Underfloor Heating for New Build Properties

Underfloor heating is becoming a more and more popular heating option for new build properties. This is because of the fact that the underfloor heating can be installed during the construction process and liquid floor screed can be used as the flooring material. This allows for ease of installation as well as minimal disruption when the underfloor heating system is being installed.

Is it Possible to Install Underfloor Heating in Historic Properties?

Yes, this is because of the fact that a new floor can be installed in the property. This can actually be better than the current floor as you are able to add certain finishes to the floor after application of the floor screed is complete. The underfloor heating system can then be installed while the floor is being replaced - allowing you or clients to enjoy a wonderful warm home.

Contact Our Underfloor Heating Specialists in London

Should you require an underfloor heating system or underfloor heating kit, get in contact with our friendly expert sales team today. We are more than happy to discuss your requirements as well as discuss how you can install an underfloor heating system professionally or as a DIY project. For further information on underfloor heating - enquire with our team using an online contact form on our website or telephone now on: 01424 851111